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Suspenders restaurant in an American grill with the intimacy of a neighborhood pub and the size of a restaurant — with 200 seats. Bar shot left angle_980x654Opened in 1988 by a group comprised (mostly) of NYC firefighters, it quickly grew into one of Wall Street’s most successful restaurants; now in it’s 26th year of continuous operation.  It continues to be operated by two of the founding partners, Pete Galiano and retired Lieutenant Billy Ahearn (NYFD, Ladder company 131).

The American grill menu is augmented daily with food specials, in addition to daily drink specials served at the 80 foot-long rectangular mahogany bar. And customers have often remarked that the warm, neighborhood bar/restaurant atmosphere is a nice contrast to the other establishments in the financial district that cater to business clientele.

Suspenders features seven televisions that provide daily coverage of the financial markets, as well as select sporting events.

Because of the large seating area, location, and long-established professionalism, Suspenders is an ideal choice for for weekend catered events: numerous wedding receptions have been held here. A private room that accommodates smaller gatherings [up to 60 seats] is ideal for events and visiting tour groups.

Off-premises catering is also available.

The restaurant location made Suspenders an unofficial gathering place for the emergency service workers who responded to the World Trade Center terrorist attack on and post 9/11. Civilians too made their way to Suspenders, knowing that the ownership was familiar with emergency operations, thereby making the restaurant a de facto emotional safe haven and forever rooting itself in New York City history.