Drunk Driving Solutions

It’s easy to forget that dry statistics represent real people and real lives. Drinking can be stress-releasing fun; jokes are funnier, people sometimes more outgoing, and cocktails and beer and wine taste great. And we support that, but are also aware that it can causes reduced common sense: we do stupid thinks when we drink too much, like drunk driving.  At Suspenders we’re here to help.

If at anytime you’re ever here — or anywhere for that matter, and feel you had too much to drink and can’t drive, tell a bartender, waiter or any management personnel and we’ll hail a cap for you.   Below we’ll list (and be adding) phone numbers, websites and mobile apps of taxi and livery services.

dial7 .com NY Car & Limousine Services. (212) 777 7777

Yellow Pages for NYC Taxis


If you find yourself drunk every night, or on select nights drink till you black out, you may have a drinking problem.  Below you will find links that deal with alcoholism and drinking and driving.

Alchohol Problems and Solutions Page

Signs, Symptoms & Help for Alchoholism